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Technologies Masteco Grup, SRL


1. Anaerobic process - process of biological oxidation without air access.

2. Anoksidny process - process of biological oxidation with a constant purge of sewage of sewage atmospheric air without water saturation by oxygen to (0.5mg./litre.

3. Aerobic process - process of biological oxidation with a constant or continuous purge atmospheric air and saturation of water oxygen (to 6mg./litre).

4. Aerotenk - a construction of biological cleaning in which active biomass (active silt) is in water in the weighed (free) state by means of system of aeration (a purge atmospheric air). Modern aerotenkpredstavlyat itself a flexible construction in the technological relation and it can be applied to cleaning of many types of sewage with various concentration of pollution.

5. Bacteria anaerobic - microorganisms which for biosynthesis of a cage do not need oxygen from air as for biosynthesis of a cage they use the oxygen received after biological decomposition of water or salts of inorganic compounds. Generally it is putrefactive bacteria.

6. Bacteria aerobic - microorganisms, which for biosynthesis kletkineobkhody oxygen which is used in the course of biological oxidation of organic compounds. Aerobic bacteria can nakhoditsyakak in water, so willows air.

7. BPK - biological need for oxygen, parameter which shows extent of pollution of sewage the organic substances capable biologically to be oxidized.

8. Volley dumping - short-term receipt in the sewerage of sewage with sharply increased expense and/or concentration of pollution.

9. Silt active - one of methods of sewage treatment, is invented in Great Britain in 1913. Biological sewage treatment is carried out for the purpose of removal from them organic substances, including compounds of nitrogen and phosphorus.

10. Silt stabilized - the fulfilled silt which collects in the camera of the stabilizer of silt of a clearing construction and is periodically pumped out. After a composting silt can be used as fertilizer.



technologies Masteco Grup, SRL Moldova, ALL.BIZ: Moldova